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We proudly provide quality dental care to the community of New York, NY 10280 and surrounding areas. Our services include but not limited to general dentistry, periodontics, oral surgery, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whiteningdental implants and much more. We’ll be glad to hear from you if you have any questions. read more…WHAT THEY ARE SAYING…



When you meet someone, your smile is the first thing they see.

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During the last 20 years, dental implants have become a desirable alternative to other methods of replacing missing teeth.

Excellent success rates and a range of available options give dentists a variety of new ways to treat and replace lost teeth.

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The standard of treating patients using sedation was set by physicians in the U.S. approximately 40 years ago . It is nothing new for patients to be sedated for operations on knees, feet, wrists, ears, noses,or practically anything else. Even patients who need an MRI and are nervous, ask to be sedated. Often patients ask dentists for sedation and the dentists do everything they can to talk them out of it. Most dentists do not want to go through the additional training and accreditation process that is necessary to sedate patients. read more…

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Like old fashioned dental X-rays, digital dental X-rays are used by your dentist to take images of your mouth, including tooth structure and your jaw bones.

In order to take the digital images, your dentist – or a dental technician – will place a small sensor in your mouth, carefully positioned. This small sensor is connected to the processing computer by a very thin wire.

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